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Why TCM Review Seminars?2018-03-11T14:37:37-07:00

Board exams are challenging enough. Why undertake them on your own? TCM Review has been successful teaching board review since 1997. We have more experience than any other review company operating today. When it comes to board review, experience is everything and our pass rates can attest to that.

All of our teachers have sat for the Pan Canadian/CALE/NCCAOM exams. They know better than anyone how to pass the tests. Our team has the teaching experience you need to successfully pass your board exams the first time. Why look any where else?

Our site is user friendly. You can log in to class, watch videos, work on test questions from anywhere in the world. The site responds to your device, not the other way around.

TCM Review has a proven track record for the Pan Canadian Exam. We have been tutoring for the exam since its inception. Our first class went through our pilot program with flying colors. We have a high pass rate for both the Written and Clinical Case Studies Exams. Generally, our students score 20-25 points higher than the national average.

Is TCM Review Seminars right for me?2018-03-11T14:42:25-07:00

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of material you need to learn? Not sure where to start or how to organize the material? Worried you might not study the right material? Need someone to help lay out a plan for study and make sure you are tracked to pass your boards? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this is the right course for you. Our courses have definite start and end dates. Each week a new class is released on Mondays.  There is reading and homework to be completed each week.  We have online quizzes that you can take so you can test your knowledge. Last of all, we provide you with an hour by hour study schedule for each day of the week. We’ve helped literally thousands of students pass their board exams throughout North America. You might be worried but we are not. We’ve seen this all before. Don’t you deserve to study with someone with years of board review experience as you go through this process?



How is your course different from other review courses out there?2018-03-14T14:36:44-07:00
TCM Review Seminars has been the pioneer in acupuncture board review courses since 1997. Our course for the Pan Canadian Exam is a guided course. While 33 hours of the course are recorded videos, the remaining 58 hours of the course, you are actually in a class with a teacher. Those 58 hours are broken down into:
20 hours of weekly Q&A session: This provides you with a chance to ask questions on the course material and strategies on how to study. These classes are held on Sunday evenings from 5-6pm Pacific Standard Time. Can’t make that time work? We can always set up a time for you to talk to a teacher.
32 hours of Drills and Case Study analysis: The biggest part of preparing for the Written Exam is mastering the multiple choice format. We have over 480 question we cover in these class. Classes start 10 weeks before the exam date and are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm Pacific Standard Time.  Can’t make these times work?  Contact us! We’ll find a way.
6 hours of Mock Exam Review: We provide 2 Mock Exam with your course. That’s two exams of 125 – 150 questions each. Each exam has a 3 hour review where the teacher goes over the questions and answers and you have the opportunity to ask questions.
If that’s not enough, we also set up regular calls and emails so that you feel supported as you go through this time.
We also have over 400 online quiz questions that you can work through at your own speed.
And if that’s not enough, we also have a comprehensive study schedule that tells you exactly what to study and when to study it.
We’ll help you study smarter not harder and pass your board exams on the first try.
You also offer board review classes for the California Acupuncture Exam and the US National Exams. Can’t I just take one of these courses instead?2018-03-13T04:07:38-07:00

While the content of each of these exams is similar, (yin / yang theory is yin / yang theory and scalp acupuncture is still scalp acupuncture) the focus of each exam is vastly different. Emphasis on content areas differs greatly on each of these exams. Our Pan Canadian Written Exam and Clinic Case Studies Reviews have been designed to help you pass the Canadian Acupuncture Board Exams. We have researched this exam for several years before offering up these reviews. This is the reason for our HIGH pass rates on the exam. While most years, the national pass rate is in the 60 – 70% range, our pass rates for our group is in the high 80 – 90%. That’s 20% higher than the national average. That’s enough of a reason to study with us.

Do you have students I can talk with who have taken your review?2018-03-07T09:34:51-08:00

Absolutely, our past students have had a good experience with our course and they are willing to share their experiences with you. Just contact us HERE and we’re happy to find someone for you to talk with.

What course options does TCM Review Seminars offer for the Pan-Canadian October Written Exam and the January Clinical Case Studies Exam? What does each course include?2018-03-11T14:47:17-07:00

The Written Exam and the Clinical Case Studies Exam are two very different tests. While some of the core knowledge is necessary for both, the testing strategies are very different.

The Pan Canadian Written Exam prep course covers classes in Foundations/ Diagnosis, Acupuncture, Safety and Biomedicine. We have over 500 case studies we go over in a live class setting and a bank of online test questions for you to use at your own pace. There is a mock exam and 8 weeks of drills classes. It is a solid review for the Pan Canadian Written Exam and good foundation for the Clinical Case Studies Exam.

The  Pan Canadian Clinical Case Studies includes 6 of our core classes from the Pan Canadian Written Exam covering Zang Fu Patterns, Case Study Analysis and Approach, Treatment Principles, Single Point Function and Selections, Biomedicine and Safety.  In addition to this, we have 7 classes that are specific to the Pan Canadian Clinical Case Studies Exam.  These cover the 143 diseases ( 9 hours) and Case Studies (5 hours).

The best approach is to start with our Pan Canadian Written Exam so you can lay down a strong foundation.  If you have passed the Written Exam but failed the  Clinical Case Studies exam, it is critical that you start studying before our November start date.  We start the enrollment in August for the November course. Since the videos are already up and available, you begin as early as August with your course. Not sure which you need?  Feel free to email us and set up a consultation.


 What subjects are covered in your course?2018-03-11T14:52:35-07:00
We cover everything you need to know for the Pan Canadian Exams. That’s everything from Yin / Yang Theory, Diagnosis, Case Study Analysis, Tongue and Pulse, Shang Han Lun, Single Point Functions, Cupping, Ear Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture, Moxa, thorough Biomedicine, Pharmacology, Safety Manual and more. Basically, if you need to know it for your exam, we have a video on it. If we don’t have a video on it, we are probably creating one.
Our course is different because we don’t tell you what to go and read and study. We teach the material to you in the way we want you to know it for your exam. Our system works. Click here for our pass rates.  Ours is a guided course because this exam is too important to leave to chance. Our job is to know the exam inside and out so our students are prepared to pass the first time!
What materials do I need for class?2019-03-05T15:58:52-08:00
  • TCM Review Seminars Course Reader: The course reader is included in the price of the course and mailed after registration and payment is complete. There is a shipping fee added at the time of payment.
  • High speed internet connection: If you’re questioning your internet connection speed and whether you’ll be able to watch the videos without interruption, please consult our Technical tab on this page to read about the technical requirements or to contact our tech support person.
How do I access the online videos? Can I download and keep these videos?2018-03-13T03:59:51-07:00

All course materials from the recorded video classes to the live online classes are accessible via your student account. During registration, you will be asked to provide a login and password. Keep this safe as this is your own private account on the site.

Our course is a subscription based course. You cannot download, copy or in any other way keep the videos. The site and its content is protected by international copyright laws.


Where are the Live Online classes held?2018-03-07T10:11:21-08:00

All our classes are held online. That means no need to spend extra time traveling to a location.  You can access the online classes from the comfort of your own home via desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. We have students coming in for the course from all over Canada/ North America and sometimes even as far away as Australia or New Zealand. This format for class means you can travel, take vacations, login while at work.  We’ve even had students login while they were flying across the country.

Each student will need a computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet with webcam, microphone and speaker capabilities to attend the online LIVE classes.

What is the time limit for viewing each recorded class?2019-03-05T16:02:20-08:00

For the Pan Canadian Written Exam Prep Course, we release one class video per week on Mondays at 2PM PST. You can watch the class as much as you like. Classes won’t expire and will be available until the day of the exam in October.

For the Clinical Case Studies Exam Prep Course, we pre-release all the videos on the day that the course starts. Why is this? Our Clinical Case Studies course runs from November to January. Most of the students have prepped with us for the written exam and some of the material overlaps. Need to start studying earlier than November for January exam? Contact Us

What is the difference between Live and Recorded classes2018-03-13T03:44:25-07:00

We offer classes in two different formats.

Live classes are held live online using a meeting app that allows for live interaction with the teacher and your fellow students. Each student will need a computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet with webcam, microphone and speaker capabilities to attend the live online classes.

Recorded classes are pre-recorded video that you can rewind, fast forward and watch as many times as you like while they are posted.

How do I access the online quizzes?  What is my login and password for the online quiz site?2018-03-07T10:37:40-08:00

Online quizzes are for the Pan Canadian Written Exam only. The link to the quiz website is located on the top menu bar on the student home page. The login and password for this site is not the same your login and password for tcmreview.ca.  Contact us if you need your login information again.

When should I register for your courses? How do I register?2019-03-05T16:03:37-08:00

Enrollment for the Written Exam Review Course starts Feb. 1.

Enrollment for the Clinical Case Studies Exam opens in August.

Where should I register for your courses? Register here on our secure site. Register now




What is the schedule for the next course?2019-03-05T16:50:41-08:00

The next Pan-Canadian Board Review Class for the Written Exam begins on May 6, 2019.

The next Clinical Case Studies Exam begins on Oct. 20, 2019.

Why won’t the course start until May or November? I’m ready to start now.2019-03-05T16:00:13-08:00
There is such a thing as overstudying and then losing momentum. With 20 years in the Acupuncture Board Review field, what I can tell you is that you need 5 – 6 months to prepare for your board exams. Studying three hours a day, 5-6 days a week. As the time for the exam approaches, we have you ramp up your study time to 5-7 hours a day 7 days a week during the last month before the exam.  For most students this is more than enough time. Did you study at a Five Element School or a Classical Medicine School, contact us. You will be on a different schedule.
If you want to start early, once you register, we’ll give you a list of material to work through while you wait for the video classes to be released. This is information we give out only after you have registered for the course.
What are the payment options for the Pan-Canadian Review Course? What is covered in the price of the course?2018-03-07T10:50:53-08:00

Primary course: tuition up front payment: $499 CAD.

Clinical Case Study intensive course: $250 CAD

We can set up payment plans for the written exam. Payment can be made in three or four monthly installments if that works better with your budget.

The price of the Pan Canadian Written Exam Review covers everything: all the videos classes, the live classes, Q&A classes, mock exam, online quizzes, the ability to call or email with your teachers and most of your print material.  It does not include the HB Kim Handbook of Oriental Medicine which is used for a few of our classes.

The price of the Clinical Case Studies Exam Review covers everything: all the video classes, live online classes, Q&A classes, the ability to call or email with your teachers and your course material.

Can I share my subscription with other students?2018-03-07T10:52:08-08:00

Each membership is for personal use only. We do monitor your IP addresses and login patterns. Any overages or usual patterns, will set off a red flag on our end. If we suspect account sharing, your account will be locked and you will lose your membership without a refund. Please don’t share your account.


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